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Of We thought properly, manga Naruto only have 13 mangas more, (because the film starts on 6/12) omg. Sasuke will die :((((( Maybe it's for this why Sasuke don't appear in the trailer the Naruto movie. What do you thing about that??

I’ve been really busy since school started so this reply will be short and sweet! :) I really don’t think Sasuke will die because that would defeat the whole purpose of the manga. The death of Sasuke would mean an endless loop of hate and war for the shonobi world. Plus this link has other great ideas on way Sasuke won’t die.

  • Sasuke is not going to die because:
  • To undo the infinite Tsukuyomi Naruto must use his chakra
  • And Sasuke must use his Rinnegan
  • Gaara’s sketch from the Last Naruto The Movie is a spoiler of the manga..
  • If Gaara’s alive, that means that Sasuke helped Naruto take out all of the Kages of the genjutsu..
  • Sasuke won’t die in his upcoming fight with Naruto